Evolving on the debate space

We aim to develop the best online discussion space.

Here are some best practices for you to take advantage of all the features available.

Be featured

The space gives voice to your contributions.

To encourage our debaters to write the best possible contributions, the best arguments are highlighted by being displayed at the top of the debate space and at the foot of the article.

The more relevant your argument is considered to be, the more prominence it gets.

Some debates cover thousands of articles. The contributions considered most relevant to these debates are placed at the foot of thousands of articles and seen by tens of thousands of readers.

For example, if you are the author of the best contribution in an election-related debate, the contribution may be highlighted in the footer of tens of thousands of election-related articles.

A relevant contribution is one that gets support, and above all, is well structured and written without spelling mistakes.

On the other hand, the editors can share contributions that they find interesting, either on an online article or even directly in the print edition.

Earn points and unlock features

Writing quality contributions also earns you points.

Points unlock certain features which are subject to change and are detailed on your debater profile.

Here are some examples of actions that could be unlocked with points: suggesting debates to the editors, inviting a user in a duel...

Points can also allow you to be asked by the editors to write an opinion piece or co-construct an article.

In this case, the editorial staff will contact you directly from your email address.

Participate in collective decision-making

Our mission is to bring everyone's voices to the table in order to make the public debate understandable and, above all, to facilitate collective decision-making.

We are working on real-time synthesis modules of the various discussions so that cities and local authorities can feed your proposals into their public policies.

Also, several members of the team are carrying out research to develop a space that is even more readable, but also more impactful in terms of transforming the debate into a political decision or even into the writing of a law.

We want to become a democratic lever that every citizen can use to work on his or her argumentation and influence political life.

Created for democracy by Logora