The team at the service of public debate

Henry's picture We are working to make the public debate readable and accessible to all. The aim is to decentralise collective decision-making.
Henry Boisgibault - Co-founder & CTO
Pierre's picture I want everyone's voice to be used for collective decision-making. Digital exchange as a democratic lever.
Pierre Laburthe - Co-founder & CEO
Mathieu's picture To put my technical skills at the service of the general interest. To build the best contributory space in the world.
Mathieu Rios - Lead Developer
Mathilde's picture Create an intuitive and comprehensive interface to give voice to public consultations.
Mathilde Couvreur - Front-end developer
jesus's picture To enable our partners to create a community around their articles. Create a unique link between the editorial staff and its readers.
Jesús Morillo - Product Owner
shane's picture We make the media the site of political renewal, and enable them to build stronger, more engaged communities.
Shane Conroy - Product Manager
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