Logora is customizable

Yes! These are new pages that integrate under white label to your site. They adapt to your templates and your graphic charter. These pages behave like the rest of your site. Find out how to customize them in a few seconds on the documentation article Customize Logora's pages on your site ".

Starting a debate is a matter of seconds

We provide you with an administration space where you can link your latest articles to one or more debates, all in one click. The debate question appears on the dedicated debate space now added on your site and at the bottom of the selected articles. ".

Users register on your site

When a user wants to participate, we redirect them to your registration. If you already have a login on your site, you can connect your authentication system. If you don't have a signup, we provide a signup login window with a Google signup and a Facebook signup. The data is then returned to you in your administration area. Find out how the connection is technically managed here " Implement Single Sign-on Authentication (SSO) ".

The data belongs to you

You are the sole owner of the data and information transmitted on your debate space. Logora positions itself as a subcontractor of the data within the framework of the legislation in force and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Installation is done within a few hours

To install Logora, a developer installs the Logora element at the bottom of the article, the debate space and the SSO. The two articles concerning the technical installation are the following: " Using our universal integration code (with video) " & " Implement Single Sign-on Authentication (SSO) ". If you don't have any developers, we come to install Logora directly on your premises.

We handle moderation

We offer an a priori moderation on all messages. An algorithmic filter coupled with human intervention manages all requests in less than 1 minute per request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Out of 25,000 contributions processed, no hate message has passed the Logora filters.

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