Launching a community space

We have listed the best practices for managing a community around your contributory space.

Mark the launch

This is about showing your readers that you are offering them a new space where they can give voice to their contributions.

To make sure that they understand that this is not a short-lived space, you are encouraged to launch several debates on the first day of the launch.

It is recommended to launch at least 5 debates at the start and one consultation if your subscription includes this module.

Your space will thus offer a range of topics that will highlight the diversity of subjects covered by the space and will feed the index of proposed topics.

If you launch a single topic, the index of debates and the footer of the debate pages offering other debates to the reader will be empty.

Also, the visibility of the debates is essential to get the space off to a good start.

We suggest that you place debates on article categories or tags to quickly cover a large percentage of your articles with a debate.

Covering half of the articles in less than a month guarantees a strong mobilisation of your readers.

Multiple debates, on article categories, keep your space alive from day one.

A debate referent within the editorial team

Every week, posting 3 or 4 new debate topics is important to invite contributors to participate again and keep your topics fresh.

The whole editorial staff can participate in the creation of debates but it is not necessary.

One person can manage the space by proposing a few new topics per week, a workload of an hour or two per week.

Every Tuesday, we go through your site's articles to suggest relevant debates directly on your administration space.

This reduces the editorial workload to less than an hour per week.

Argumentative topics

A consultation or debate question should encourage you to take an argumentative stance.

Our tool is much more complete than a polling tool, it should not be limited to a non-argumentative vote.

For example: "For or against ..." should be avoided, "Should ..." is more conducive to argumentation.

Putting forward subjects that affect the readers' daily lives (politics, economy, health, for example) allows more reactions to be generated. The question should challenge the reader and 'make them want to convince those who have a contrary opinion.

Rewarding the best contributors

Like a tweet embed, you can share in an iframe the best contributions from the space in your articles.

This is a very interesting lever to:

  1. Illuminate your content creation
  2. Highlight the content space
  3. Give impact to your community's contributions

The Logora team is also working on the development of a summary module. It will allow you to easily share the trends and results of your community's discussions.

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